The ACEs Public-Private Initiative (APPI) is a group of private, public and community organizations in Washington State working together to reduce children’s exposure to trauma—or “adverse childhood experiences” (ACEs)—and the substantial social, emotional and physical tolls that may result.
We do this by:
• Studying how communities can work across sectors to develop policies and practices to support children and families to prevent childhood trauma and reduce its effects.
• Translating research into practice by using the latest and best social science and business practices.
• Promoting sustainable practices by building on existing initiatives, partnering with communities and tracking cost savings for reinvestment.
• Use rigorous evaluation methods to strengthen the existing knowledge about effective community capacity development models that prevent and mitigate ACEs. To achieve this goal, APPI is supporting an evaluation of five communities with ongoing community level efforts addressing multiple ACEs.
• Facilitate learning and dialogue among APPI members, evaluation sites and the broader community.
Recognizing that no one organization or sector can achieve lasting social change alone, representatives from government, private philanthropy and community organizations forged a formal agreement and collective funding pool in 2012 to help translate the science of childhood trauma and stress into policy and practice.
APPI is governed by a Leadership Team with representation from:
• Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
• Casey Family Programs
• Community Public Health and Safety Networks
• Comprehensive Health Education Foundation
• Empire Health Foundation
• Essentials for Childhood
• Frontiers of Innovation
• Thomas V. Giddens Jr. Foundation
• Thrive Washington
• Washington State Department of Early Learning
• Washington State Department of Health
• Washington State Department of Social and Health Services – Children’s Administration
• Washington State Department of Social and Health Services – Division of Behavioral Health & Recovery
• Washington State Early Learning Coalitions
• Washington State Governor’s Executive Policy Office
• Washington State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction
• Washington Strengthening Families Collective


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