What is APPI?

What is APPI?
The ACEs Public-Private Initiative a group of private, public and community organizations in Washington State working together to support efforts to reduce children’s exposure to trauma—or “adverse childhood experiences” (ACEs)—and the social, emotional and physical tolls that result. APPI is focusing on building the evidence about effective community-based approaches for reducing childhood trauma and translating that research into practice. For more information on ACEs, please see: http://www.appi-wa.org/aces/

Why was APPI created?
APPI was created to help understand what community-based approaches are effective for reducing ACEs and to document the public savings that may result from investing in this work. Washington State has been a national leader in creating community-level frameworks that use brain science and population-level data about the effects of childhood trauma, or ACEs, to inform social policy and practice. In July 2012, the state ended funding for the Council for Children and Families and the Family Policy Council, two organizations that had supported such work. APPI’s organizers came together to build on this history and align with similar initiatives to continue the state’s groundbreaking work to prevent childhood trauma.

What is APPI doing?
APPI has two current priorities:
• Partner with five communities across Washington to launch a 2.5-year evaluation to study effective community-based approaches for preventing and mitigating ACEs.
• Support a learning community to share knowledge resulting from the study.

What is the “APPI evaluation?”
APPI is conducting a 2.5-year evaluation from September 2013-December 2015 with five communities in Washington State to help build understanding about what initiatives are effective in reducing and mitigating ACES and why they work. For further details, please see: http://www.appi-wa.org/evaluation/

Who is APPI?
APPI is governed by a Leadership Team with representation from:
• Community collaborations: Community Public Health and Safety Networks, Washington Strengthening Families Collective, Washington State Early Learning Coalitions, and Harvard University’s Frontiers of Innovation.
• Washington State government entities: Department of Early Learning, Department of Health, Department of Social and Health Services, the Governor’s Executive Policy Office, and the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction.
• Private funders: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Casey Family Programs, Empire Health Foundation, and Thomas V. Giddens Jr. Foundation.

How is APPI funded?
The organizations represented on the leadership team contribute time, and in some cases funding, to support APPI’s work.

How can I get involved?
If you are interested in participating or learning more about APPI’s work, please contact us at info@appi-wa.org.