Evaluation Reports

APPI Interim Cross-Site evaluation Report

APPI hired Mathematica Policy Research to conduct a retrospective evaluation of the initiatives. The evaluation was designed to answer a central question: “Can a multifaceted, scalable, community-based empowerment strategy focused on mitigating or preventing ACEs succeed in producing a wide array of positive outcomes in a community, including reduction of child maltreatment and improvement of child and youth development outcomes?”

The evaluation studied (1) the initiatives’ contexts, (2) the strategies they used to build community capacity to reduce ACEs and increase resilience, (3) how the sites used their capacity to trigger community change at multiple levels, (4) how these changes are shifting local conditions in ways that may affect ACEs and resilience, and (5) potential lessons about how to increase the effectiveness and cost savings of such initiatives. The interim cross-site evaluation report addresses the first three subjects.



APPI Outcomes Report

The final APPI evaluation report describes the final findings of an evaluation of the ACEs Public-Private Initiative (APPI) cross-site evaluation. The evaluation examined the efforts of five local community networks in Washington State to prevent child maltreatment and exposure to toxic stress, mitigate their efforts, and improve a wide array of child and youth development outcomes in their communities. The report summarizes the results of two sub-studies: an evaluation of the extent to which the sites developed sufficient community capacity to achieve their goals and an evaluation of the relationship between the select networks’ efforts and ACEs-related outcomes at the sub-county level. The report describes the methodology and findings of each sub-study and ends with final study conclusions and policy and research recommendations. The appendices include (a) profile of each of the five participating networks, (b) ACEs and Resilience Collective Community Capacity (ARC3) survey instrument, (c) ARC3 survey technical appendix, which includes description of the methodology and network-specific results, (d) technical appendix for the evaluation of the select networks’ activities, and (e) additional tables and figures for the evaluation of the select networks’ activities.

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APPI Final Evaluation Report Appendices

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The APPI Community Capacity-Building Report

This report describes the development, design, implementation, and results of the ACES Public Private Initiative (APPI) evaluation’s ACEs and Resilience Collective Community Capacity (ARC3) survey. The survey was created to measure the APPI sites’ collective community capacity to address adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and increase resilience in their communities. The report includes a review of ACEs and resilience concepts, an overview of the APPI evaluation project and survey, a conceptual framework of collective community capacity,  and a review of key collective capacity building concepts and measures. The report describes the development, pilot testing, revision, and fielding of the final ARC3 survey instrument and ends with a summary of key survey findings, an assessment of the survey’s validity and reliability, and a discussion of the survey’s next steps for development. The report’s appendices include the ARC3 survey instrument as well as tables of survey results and measurement sources.

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Press Release for Policy Makers

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